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Xiamen Chn-meida and Steve has shipped the(Cushion)posturepal to Posturepal Inc since 2006 which the company Geisert Christopher he used to work there, now he said Xiamen and Steve ship products to USA (Postureapal Inc) by the patent infringement, he said he owned the patent, it's hardly understand if without Gerisert's permission how the products has been shipped many containers to Posturepal Inc but Geisert never complains and always quiet, because he got the money from the Posturepal Inc by then? Latter on we heard Geisert has broken up with Posturepal Inc and starts to complain Xiamen Chn-meida patent infringment?

Now it's found the real thing is The patent doesn't belong to Geisert since the year of 2006 that belongs to Posturepal Inc that means from China if Steve agrees and Posturepal Inc agrees that not only Xiamen CHN-meida can ship to USA also the others can ship to USA. Why it needs the permission by Geisert? Geisert always said he is the only owner of Posturepal patent holder and never tell Xiamen and Steve the truth who is the real patent owner in USA, he is fraudulent attempt.

Chris got a law suit now because he has trouble with Posturepal Inc, if the business and ship products to the company in USA who own the patent, what's wrong with it?

Here is the USA government (official) patent link where state who is the real Posturepal patent owner http://assignments.uspto.gov/assignments/q?db=pat&qt=pat&reel=&frame=&pat=6902537&pub=&asnr=&asnri=&asne=&asnei=&asns=

Steve owns the Patent of Posturepal in China, the patent number is 200630103357.9 it works all the time, Steve has the right to sell the posturepal all round the world. Here is the link of China official patent website


here is the website of Posturepal Inc


Review about: Posturepal.



steve is going to send the application for the patent protection to the Customs and related government, steve warn that if a factory make or company ship the posturepal will get the shipment confiscated and big fine.


after check with the Posturepal Inc that chris does not own 51%, he tell the lies,he can not steal the patent in USA.


the Posturepal Inc in USA that's not steve's business that only know the evidence the Patent in the USA is belong to the Pasturepal Inc at present time, once it's proved the patent belong to Chris there will be no argument any more and only chris can ship to. will see it.


there are two names on the patent.

【申请号】 200630103357.9  

【申请日】 2006.01.11  

【名称】 矫姿垫(矫姿健康垫)

【公开(公告)号】 CN3596881  

【公开(公告)日】 2007.01.10  

【主分类号】 06-09


【分类号】 06-09



【申请(专利权)人】 宋明庆;吉塞特

【地址】 315010浙江省宁波市海曙区汇头巷2号603室

【发明(设计)人】 宋明庆;吉塞特




【专利代理机构】 宁波天一专利代理有限公司  

【代理人】 白洪长  


You made two mistakes in your post that shows you are not honest or dealing with quality companies.

First of the Paypal link on the posturepal site does not work because the business is bad, second all the phone #'s do not work.

Also there are many complaints against posturepal about not shipping the product but keeping the money.

Also, I had my chinese laywer translate your patent as Ido a lot of business in China and it shows Mr. Geiserts chinese name on the patent also making him a holder too.

You should try to be a little more honest. This is the type of stuff that makes foreigners nervous to do business with chinese people.


I am currently litigating Bernard Brown for fraud and patent infringement.

Soon I will file suit against Xiamen. I look forward to having a jury verdict.


I am currently litigating Bernard Brown in the US for Fraud and patent infringement with the US District Court in Northern Texas which can easily be found.

While in China I was locked out of my own company and as I was 51% owner of my company, I transfered my own patent back to myself. The company was abandoned and all the money was taken.

I am soon entering the discovery phase and once that occurs, I will file a patent lawsuit against Xiamen Chn Meida for patent infringement as I told Song repeatedly not to ship my cushion to Bernard.

I look forward to the lawsuit, especially using a jury.

Kind Regards



chris geisert can not make posturepal (cushion) in China because he does not Patent in China and also he can not sell it in USA because he does not have the patent in USA. if he does that he and his factory in China would get the trouble. what he said and threaten on Xiamen and Steve at the pissed consumer.com is fruitless, he will get nothing of it.

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